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About Me



I was originally Grandfathered into the Massage Profession in Vienna Austria in 1991.

USA Certification and experience:

A Steiner Graduate from the Baltimore School of Massage. USA. 

I attend Continuing Education classes with zeal and believe that as a Massage Therapist we are never done with our learning. 



Thai Massage - The Thai Institute

Cranio-Sacral Therapy 1 & 2 - The Upledger Group - under the direct guidance of John Upledger himself.

Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) The Aaron Mattes Method - South West University - Indianapolis under the direct guidence of Aaron Mattes himself.


My Business and Practice:

My Massage Practice is currently situated in the heart of Bethesda as well as Potomac, where I specialize in the Aaron Mattes methodology of Active Isolated Stretching, Deep Tissue, Swedish, Aromatherapy the Young Living Essential and Organic Oil method as well as Cranio Sacral Therapy.  


With more than 18 years of Clinical Massage related experience in countries ranging from Austria to South Africa and now here in the USA. I am intuitive and have an absolute passion for the work that I do.

My intentions are to provide all clients with a safe, healing and holistic environment in which they can relax while experiencing a nurturing touch that incorporates the mind, body and soul. While my goal is to show clients that there are alternative methods of reducing and eliminating pain, I must always remind them that my practice is not a medical facility and that all doctors medication and instructions must be followed.