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AIS Stretching

Active Isolated Stretching - The Mattes Method

Human movement is more enjoyable when the body is flexible and capable of performing without restrictions. The number one reason why we become inflexible is when our muscles and joints become tight.


Recently mentioned by Runners World and globally recognized as being one of the top 4 methods in the world for improving muscle flexibility and the first choice in muscle rehabilitation amongst Osteopathic Doctors, Physicians, Chiropractors, physical therapists, exercise physiologists, massage therapists, trainers, coaches and athletes alike.

Aaron Mattes, RKT,LMT developed the Active Isolated Stretching Method.


This is a Fascial Release Method which has been proven to effectively and dynamically facilitate the stretch of major muscle groups, but more importantly the function and physiological restoration  of superficial to deep fascial planes. The Mattes Method is an effective therapeutic treatment for deep and superficial fascial release, restoring proper fascial planes for optimal physiologic functioning. Performing an Active Isolated Stretch for no longer than 2.0 seconds allows the target muscle to lengthen without triggering the protective stretch reflex and subsequent reciprocal antagonist muscle contraction. 

The Mattes Method of muscle and fascial release is founded on controlling the bodys stretch reflexes in conjunction to the specific isolated manual release of indiviual muscles and their corresponding muscle groups.


What to expect during your session.

Be prepared for your session by wearing loose comfortable clothing. The session can be done in conjunction with a massage if requested. You will be clothed during your session which is performed on a massage table with seat belt like straps which keep you firmly secure on the table. The straps are secured across your abdomen and possibly alternating legs. This avoids the body torquing while being stretched. 


Each session is individually tailored to the clients needs, ranging from neck and back, to shoulder, arms, hands and feet, legs and hips.


A 90 minute session generally ensures that a target area is sufficiently warmed up and stretched adequately to provide a certain level of relief from tightness and soreness.