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Services and Fees

To Relax the body and mind naturally is a powerful thing. It is touch that connects us as human beings and allows us to heal and restore, quiet and calm.   

24 Hr Cancellation Notice:
Clients please note that we have a strict 24 hr cancellation policy.
If you do not concel within the 24 hr period your credit card will be charged with 50% of the service fee due for which you had scheduled.
Cllients who purchase vouchers online need to please also be aware that if you do not cancel within the 24 hr cancelation period, you will be liable for the fee up to the value of the voucher paid for that particular service.
Signature Swedish Body Massage:

circulation and improve skin and muscletone. My massage is centered according to your needs and combines traditional Swedish, pressure point and relaxation techniques. I incorporate Natural Aromatherapy essential oil blends and warm compresses to aid the healing process. Designed to relieve muscle tension, reduce stress, increase, Also available as a couples massage 2x 50min sessions for $240

60 min= $120  /   90 min= $160    
Deep Tissue Massage: 


The same as the Signature Massage but
incorporating specific deep Therapeutic work.
Also available as a couples massage 2 x 50 min - $240
60 min - $120   /   90 min= $150

Active Isolated Stretching:


Be sure to dress comfortably for this with pants that do not gape
and allow you flexibility ofmovement. This is a wonderful stretch session aimed at either lower or upper body and will leave you energized, leaving your body feeling light and flexible. Irrelevant if we are working upper or lower body every muscle of the limb being stretched is enfused with blood and much needed oxygen facilitating much needed pain relief. Many clients who have been suffering from Sciatica, Lower Back pain, whip lash and Migraines have left with a marked improvement, some even with their pain levels totally relieved.
60 min - $120  /  90 min - $150

The Raindrop Technique:

The therapeutic grade essential oils used support the immune and nervous system and are designed specifically for topical application. Raindrop Technique was developed as a result of research indicating that many forms of spinal misalignments are caused by muscle spasms due to bacteria and viruses originating in the spine and the tissues along the spine. This session is excellent for lower back pain, back pain, scoliosis, migraines, headaches, stress relief, and to detox the body. Raindrop Technique is a very relaxing massage during which your sense of smell will be stimulated with the variety of therapeutic aromatherapy essential oils.

This is an add on to either the Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage:$35



Hot Stone Massage:
A luxurious & relaxing massage combined with heat therapy.image
Polished basalt lave stone is warmed and incorporated into the massage.
The combination of heat with the pressure of the strokes helps
penetrate the muscle tissue inducing deep relaxation. 

50 min  =   $120      70 min = $160
Hot Bamboo Massage:
Enjoy a 60 min heated bamboo massage. Combining smoot bamboo
 with gentle heat the therapist can work deeper into the muscle without the sharp pains associated with deep tissue work. The massage work is smoother and smaller bamboo pieces are used for treating smaller trigger point spots. Can be used for everything from relaxation to deep tissue and allows more diversity for the therapist and client. The warmth of the bamboo is extremely relaxing and clients find that the smoothness of the movement makes it much easier for them to relax quicker.
$120 x 60 min, $160 x 90 min

Hot Lava Shell Massage : 
Bliss out with an amazing massage that soothes the senses and literally eases the tension. These shells are constructed from real tiger clams that are smoothed and sealed together. Minerals and algae with salt water and essential oils are combined inside the shell, which creates a chemical reaction that causes heat for up to two hours. The difference between hot stone and lava shell massages are that the therapist uses less time fidgeting with apparatus and more time on the massage. The stones stay warm for up to two hours. The heat that they emit is consistant and means that your massage is that much more enjoyable.
$120 x50 min, $160 x 70 min
ZYTO technology Essential Oil BioMarker assessment and application off Aromatherapy:       
Have your Aromatherapy service personalized by identifying exactly which
essential oil your body needs.
All sessions can be customized by adding essential oils specifically for the clients body type. The cost of this session includes the price of the aromatherapy.By doing a Biomarker testing session with a ZYTO hand cradle. 
ZYTO is a technology company that produces health related software and equipment to facilitate decision making about healthcare and wellness.

ZYTO technology is based on the body's ability to respond to subtle stimuli. Using the body's natural energetic field, a communication link is established between the patient and the computerized ZYTO hand cradle.
Through this connection, ZYTO sends stimuli and then records the body's response. This conversation is called biocommunication, and it provides insights into health and wellness. The program that we are using allows us to print out a report for the client, which details suggestions regarding essential oils which would work well for the individual and also the reasons why. The client receives this print out to take home with them. Once the report is finalized the suggested oils are used in the massage or meditation session. By doing this assessment we can efficiently and effectively use oils that will be beneficial to each client on a very personal basis.

per session as an add on $35


Indian Scalp Massage: 

A great add on to any service for those who love to have their heads massaged. I use natural Composition Oils for this relaxing treat and a warm towel to complete the service.

15 min =$25 – Pairs well with any service.   


Absolutely ideal for anyone with achy hands and feet.
Reflexology pin points the energymeridians that flow through the body. It is said that both the hands and the feet are a map of the body. Allow us to show you how wonderful this ancient therapy can be. Warm towels are used at the end of the session to also gently soothe your senses.
$25 x 15 min, $50 x 30 min also pairs well with any service
The Ultimate Ionic Detox Foot Bath:
Detoxing has never been easier or painless:  30 min - $60
Purchase 3 detox sessions for $150 and 6 for $240.
Add a Scrub, cooling mask and 15 min reflexology for only $30.


The Ultimate Massage package. Enjoy a combination of Swedish massage with a choice of either hand and feet reflexology with warm moist towels, stretching or an Indian scalp massage with warm moist towels. Or maybe you would like it all together in your 60 or 90 min session. This session is tailored to your preference and we are delighted to be able offer you a bespoke session.
$120 x 60 min , $160 x 90 min
Half Leg:$45
Full legs (up to bikini line)$80 
Full Brazilian (women)$90 
Full Brazilian (men)$135
Eye Brow Design$30
Under Arms$20
Men's Back or chest$85
Lip or chin$15